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Why would you want to work with me?

It's really easy to pick up a camera and start shooting, but i believe photography is so much more than that; it's being able to take two people and capture their love in a way that resembles who they are. It's taking the vulnerable moments and capturing them in a way that brings them back to life.

I want to work with people who truly appreciate that; who want me to take their love story and freeze little moments of it in time, so they can frame them and hold onto them forever.

For this reason, i want you to tell me about you. who are you as an individual? as a couple? why do you love each other? in why ways do you make one another better?

let me capture all of that. love is messy, but so incredible and so worth every moment. i want to capture all of your quirks, your soft intimate moments, and everything in between.

i believe in love. i believe that everyone deserves to have that love captured in the most precise way. you're different from the couple next to you.! each story is unique, and i believe that your photographs should show that.

McCall, ID 09-06-18

McCall, ID 09-06-18